Additional Services
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Our experience is not confined purely to the services mentioned above. Young Turks possesses wide-ranging experience in various aspects of the industry. Whatever your needs we are here to help you solve them:

  • We can help you determine potential vendors or caterers;
  • Design and execute mystery shopper exercises in order to evaluate the overall dining/hotel stay experience from a guest's perspective;
  • Put your procedures in place by compiling Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to ensure that you have a plan of operation to deliver quality service in a consistent and effective manner;
  • In the consumer space, we can design and organise food festivals and thematic events, as well as diet clinics

  • Our expertise and understanding in the food and beverage industry doesn't end here. Whatever your need may be, Young Turks are your full-service, hands-on hospitality consultants. We will help you maximize your potential and build excitement around your business.