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An efficient and well-planned kitchen is the heart of any restaurant. For smooth operations and pleasant customer experience, dishes have to come out right and at the right time. A well-designed and well-equipped kitchen is the key.

It needs to be properly plotted for anticipated volumes and arranged appropriately for workflow, with extraction and ventilation being given careful consideration. Staff needs time and space to work smoothly in the kitchen when the restaurant is at its busiest, as well as fulfil health and hygiene regulations.

Equipping a kitchen is a significant investment. A carefully designed kitchen increases productivity, cost control and profitability. Young Turks will help you create a kitchen with optimal workflow, concept expression, and the most safety-conscious and efficient use of equipment.

Some of the recent projects undertaken by us are:

  • Modern European Restaurant Click here to View Pdf
  • Restaurant offering buffet meals on the lines of Choki Dhani Click here to View Pdf
  • Central kitchen for a multi-unit restaurant chain Click here to View Pdf
  • Base kitchen Click here to View Pdf
  • Food court kitchen in a mall Click here to View Pdf
  • Delhi CK - the central production facility for a multi-cuisine projectClick here to View Pdf